Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hit Again...

We were hit with another major snowstorm. It started Tuesday night and continued through Wednesday afternoon. We ended up with about 8 inches, this time.
Here are a few pics from yesterday.  

I am so ready for Spring.



  1. What can be said that has not already been said! Come on, Spring!

  2. It sure looks pretty! We will be at 85 tomorrow. I got a new spring shirt. Sending sunshine your way Pam! :)

  3. You guys have really gotten slammed this winter. We've hardly gotten any snow here, but it sure has been cold. So glad we are finally warming up. Hope it's not too far behind for you!

  4. Oh Pam, we are SO sick of this winter, snow cold! It seems never ending! One good thing, I am seeing little bits of green with my tulips trying to pop thru! Thank God!

  5. Am I allowed to say how pretty it looks? LOL! I hope you get to enjoy some non-snowy days soon, Pam {{hugs}}

  6. hm. I miss the snow. None for us this year. Mind you, this time last year we had some snow, and Girl and I decorated for Easter in the snow, so I'm still hopeful.

    That said, when it's never ending it does get on your nerves a bit, I know!

    Have a lovely weekend.